Promove was ready to grow into new markets, but needed insight on the best approach given their competition and operations strength. It was key for Promove to create new levels of loyalty and increase closings. To do that, GrowthOps built a holistic view of how their customers progressed from entry point to outcome.

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Our dive into data and on-the-ground interactions revealed that Promove’s customer service representatives needed a better view of the customer and their interactions. The situation called for a playbook of potential actions for critical moments that could increase close rates. We also recognized that digital was an underleveraged channel for their customers and customer service.


GrowthOps redefined Promove’s lead-to-leasing model, transforming it into a client-centric process. We integrated and redesigned their internal-facing CRM, and defined new operating models for a more targeted digital mode. We also integrated Promove’s customer targeting and moments capture processes back into their internal operating systems.


• Increased in-market closes by 30%.

• Grew prospect reengagement by 36%.

• Restructured operations processes and systems, realizing employee efficiencies that saved 4% while increasing customer engagement.

• Increased profitability per lead by 10%.

• Optimized source channel, reducing price per lead by 25%.

Services Delivered

• Enterprise Value

• Customer Growth Design

• Customer Understanding

• Customer Engagement

• Customer Operations Excellence

Our successes speak for themselves.