PTI Security Systems

PTI wished to move beyond the device and grow. To do that required enhancing connections with clients, customers, revenue sources, and site operations. GrowthOps looked to present new opportunities that would make their clients more money.

PTI Security Systems


Our market research revealed unidentified consumer needs around access and security in PTI’s self-storage mobile app. We recognized that advanced security features in a mobile app could be an important point of differentiation, creating a new consumer revenue stream.


We conducted research which helped leadership radically rethink pricing and identified market insights on potential customers’ desire for new services and products. GrowthOps also helped PTI integrate new platforms, process, and designs into an existing legacy six-tier architecture.


• Launched new mobile capability ten weeks from initial definition.

• Received a 4-star rating for the new app in the Apple Store.

• Introduced two production use capabilities across two new products within six months of identification.

• Saw uptake by 1.5% of legacy products client base, including half of the Top 10 real estate investment trusts in North America.

Services Delivered

• Enterprise Value

• Customer Growth Design

• Customer Understanding

• Application Development  

Our successes speak for themselves.