Michael Kors

Michael Kors has a well-earned reputation as a luxury brand. But the company’s customer service and sales support was not the luxury experience the brand’s clients, retailers, and wholesalers demanded.

Michael Kors


GrowthOps saw that Michael Kors’ service operations provided an opportunity to grow loyalty and sales. We focused on the operations necessary to service the needs of every customer—from buyers to wholesalers. Technology needed to put relevant data into the hands of customer service representatives. Proactively addressing customer needs enabled Michael Kors to make the service experience just as positive as their sales experience.


We defined, designed, and launched new customer service and sales support platforms for luxury consumer products across retail, wholesale and online distribution channels. This effort included integrating new channel platforms, customer CRM, warehousing applications, returns processing approaches, and a customer-facing website. GrowthOps even designed and launched Michael Kors’ new multi-lingual, multi-channel contact center, and a comprehensive new hire training program.


• Saw best in market customer experience and new sales within 30 days of launch.

• New operation became a self-funding profit center within a year of startup.

• The overhauled product management processes created 25% reduction in appeasement costs.

• Achieved 86% first call resolution within 90 days of launch.

• Reduced executive-level customer escalations by 70% within six months.

• Decreased resolution times for warranty replacements from six months to two weeks.

• Turned cost centers into revenue sources within the first year, generating revenue equivalent to two new stores.

• Operations won multiple awards 4+ years later.

Services Delivered

• Customer Growth Design

• Customer Understanding

• Customer Engagement

• Customer Operations Excellence

Our successes speak for themselves.