Ista North America

Operations problems don’t just impact revenue—they can also impact customer service, customer satisfaction, and in the end customer retention. Ista North America, a global leader in specialized services for the retail energy sector, had operations issues with client data that led to customers not receiving services, unbilled revenue, and costly technology change issues.



GrowthOps saw opportunity in improving how Ista managed their operations and data. Better understanding their customers would lead to active resolution of customer issues and targeted program messaging leading to cost savings, new profits, and increased market presence.


We worked closely with Ista’s operations, technology, and in-market leadership to define paths for greater profit growth. This crucial context helped us create insight driven results working directly with Ista’s proprietary systems and applying operational insights across all clients in all competitive North American markets.


• Created a 300% return on the cost of customer operations services by preventing costly customer issues.

• Increased the quality of new customer connections and revenue billing processes, reducing errors by 60%.

• Identified a 40% growth opportunity in multi-family billing services.

Services Delivered

• Enterprise Value

• Customer Growth Design

• Customer Operations Excellence

• Systems Integration

Our successes speak for themselves.